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Car in a flood and water to the garage door handle. A how to guide to help prep for Mississippi floods.

A How-To Guide to Help Prep for Mississippi Floods

Mississippi ranks third in the nation for flooding so it's important to be prepared for a flood long before it occurs. This six-step how-to guide will help you prepare for Mississippi floods including home prep and purchasing the proper flood insurance. Work with an independent insurance agent to secure flood insurance now.

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Flames from a house fire. Does home insurance cover lightning fires?

Does Home Insurance Cover Lightning Fires?

Lightning fires can be catastrophic to your Mississippi home. If disaster strikes, do you know what coverage you have in your homeowners policy? A Mississippi independent insurance agent can help you understand your coverages and how your dwelling, personal property, liability, and loss of use policies will pay for damage.

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Tornado Over Field. How to really prepare for a Mississippi tornado.

How to Really Prepare for a Mississippi Tornado

When disaster strikes, know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. Follow these steps to prepare your home and family for a tornado and know what to do immediately after a tornado strikes in Mississippi. Work with an independent insurance agent to make sure you have adequate home and car insurance to protect your assets.

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Neighborhood storm damage. Who pays if a storm knocks a neighbors tree onto my property?

In Mississippi, Who Pays If a Storm Knocks a Neighbor’s Tree onto My Property?

Severe storms are common in Mississippi, which is why it's important to be protected with the proper homeowners and car insurance. If a storm blows your neighbor's tree into your yard, your Mississippi homeowners insurance will pay for the damage. Work with an independent insurance agent to secure home and car insurance.

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Home destroyed by tornado. What to do immediately in Mississippi after a tornado.

What Should I Do Right after a Tornado in Mississippi?

You never know when a disaster will strike, so knowing how to stay safe during a tornado and what coverage you have as a Mississippi homeowner can help you be prepared long before something may happen. A Mississippi independent agent can help you secure the right coverage. Take these six steps after a tornado strikes.

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